Kaenaat Is The Universe

Here at Kaenaat International FZE, we take an integrated approach to providing for your petroleum and petrochemical needs. From processing, to procurement, packaging and delivery, we do it all. Our company was founded in Sharjah, UAE and we have a diverse global network of associates around the world. Our multi-continental business practices span Africa, Europe and Asia. Our strong local presence in India and the UAE enables us to provide products that meet your specific needs, tailored to your specifications.

Our marketing division provides a customer centric approach to service. We believe in developing a comprehensive understanding of our clients' requirements, in order to build long-lasting relationships, supported by pillars of faith and trust.

Our technical division ensures the quality, consistency and reliability of our products. We conduct exhaustive tests through every stage of the supply cycle to ensure strict quality standards.

Our financial division ensures that Kaenaat International fulfils all it's commitments to various stakeholders. It is what drives our culture of efficiency and transparency in all areas.